Making that drink last! (Alcohol in moderation)

It’s New Year again! Party time!! Parties are being planned and choicest of liquor has been stocked; we will read of thousands of arrests for drunken driving and hundreds of brawls after letting booze take you over.

Dr Chander Asrani

This piece was written on specific request of some wives who were terrorized watching their hubbies behave after few extra ones! The advice did help many. Sharing it for mass consumption. 🙂 

Quit smoking, but Alcohol in moderation is the universal recommendation! But a party night – everyone wants to enjoy a few extra ones; especially if a good brand is offered and that too for free!

Strictly advocating to stay within one’s tolerance limits, here are a few tips for ensuring that you remain in control. Here are some Dos and Donts of drinking alcohol in the New Year Party

Prerequisites (before the session):

1. Do not start drinking on an empty stomach just because there will lots of eats later on, with the drinks. Alcohol is absorbed faster on an empty stomach and your first drink may hit you like a sledge hammer.
2. Eat some cheese (either 2-3 cubes/ slices) within an hour prior to the party time – cheese delays/ slows absorption and even your 1st drink will not be absorbed 100%.
make that drink last

During session:
1. Avoid shots – either take diluted drinks or for Single Malt enthusiasts learn to take tiny sips – trick is to make the  drink last longer than it would usually last

2. Avoid mixing drinks – a cocktail is fine, but taking 2 drinks of whisky, then few of vodka and top it up with few beers is inviting trouble

3. Don’t enter any competition of downing more drinks in a short time

4. Ensure that throughout drinking session you will keep eating – not nibbling, but heart full bites

5. Decide (before the party begins) that whenever you feel you have eaten enough; is the time to STOP drinking as well.

6. Top up your evening (or night) with a generous serving of ice cream.

7. Have at least one friend who can insist that you STOP!!!

8. Despite all this, DO NOT DRIVE or sit in a vehicle when someone else who has taken more than 2 beers (or drinks) is driving.

N-joy but drink in MODERATION!

After all you have to keep enjoying all your life!!!

Dr Chander Asrani, is a post-graduate in Family Medicine. He has over 37 years in family practice and has been offering wellness and disease management services to corporates. He is soon to launch virtual clinics.  He writes on various subjects of wellness; learning to live with chronic ailments and stress. Know more about him at


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