Bach Flower Remedies

In this day and age life has become more challenging. We face stressors on a daily basis, in such times the focus is on coping mechanisms and in finding ways to be in a happy space.

Dr Padmaja Pai

Bach flowers are one such source. Dr Edward Bach the founder of this system was an Englishman born in 1886. He intuitively found the 38 flower remedies after years of research. In the summers he would go looking for different flowers and in the winter he would treat scores of patients with these flower essences. He worked day and night and then zeroed in on the 38 flower essences. Bach flowers are for differing mental/emotional/psychic states.

Flower Remedies

A list of all the Bach Flowers and their indications in brief:

  1. Agrimony:Mentally tense but maintains a cheerful face
  2. Aspen: Fearful,fear of unknown things.
  3. Beech: Critical/Intolerant
  4. Centaury: People ”pleaser”. Can’t say “No”
  5. Cerato: Can’t trust their own decisions/conclusions
  6. Cherry-plum: Fear of mind giving way
  7. Chestnut-bud-keeps making the same mistake,failure to learn from ones mistakes
  8. Chicory: Selfish, possessive love
  9. Clematis: Dreamer, dreaming of the future,without any effort in the present
  10. Crab-apple: The cleanser also helps for self hatred
  11. Elm: Overwhelmed by responsibility
  12. Gentian: Easily discouraged by any setback
  13. Gorse: Great hopelessness,despair
  14. Heather: Self-centered and self-concern
  15. Holly: Jealousy hatred envy
  16. Honey-suckle: Living in the past
  17. Horn-beam: Tiredness even at the thought of work
  18. Impatiens: Impatient, everything should happen now
  19. Larch: Lack of confidence
  20. Mimulus: Fear of known things
  21. Mustard: Deep gloom for no reason
  22. Oak: The plodder who works past the point of exhaustion
  23. Olive: Exhaustion, following mental/ physical exhaustion.
  24. Pine: GuiltFlower Remedies
  25. Red-chestnut: Over concern for the welfare of loved ones
  26. Rockrose: Terror and fright
  27. Rock-water: Self-denial, self-repression and rigid personality
  28. Scleranthus: Always indecisive, inability to choose between alternatives
  29. Star of BethlehemShock
  30. Sweet-chestnut: Extreme mental anguish when everything has been tried and there is no hope left.
  31. Vervain: Overly enthusiastic
  32. Vine: Domineering and inflexible
  33. Walnut: Link breaker; helps adapt to changing circumstances in life.
  34. Water-violet: Aloof. Keep to themselves. Pride
  35. White-chestnut: Whirring thoughts, mental arguments that exhaust
  36. Wild-oat: Uncertain over one’s life choices. Career guidance
  37. Wild-rose: Resigned, indifferent, drifter.
  38. Willow:Self-pity and Resentment

Some combination remedies

  1. Rescue Remedy: Combination of Cherry-plum+Clematis+Rock-rose+ Impatiens + Star of Bethlehem: For any acute/emergencies
  2. One needs to be calm and centered and listen to oneself or the person who needs healing and then match his or her mental state with the flower remedy state.A person can combine 2-3 even 4 remedies and take the combination until the state eases.For eg a newly married girl who is compelled to live in a joint family may have apprehensions and concerns regarding her ability to adapt and fit in.She may take Mimulus,Aspen and Walnut for 2-3months until she feels free and at ease in her new home.
  3. A person who is unable to decide which career choice to make being very good at 2-3 different fields,can take Wild-oak and Larch so he or she can confidently make the right choice.
  4. A young person with a learning disability can take Chestnut-bud +Larch+Walnut + Clematis and find greater ability to focus and understand.
  5. Most humans find day to day stress eases with Walnut+Impatiens+Willow+Holly.We are all sucked into a man eats man world and this combination will help us calm down and slow our pace so we can enjoy our life a bit more.


Flower Remedies

I would request the reader to please take the guidance of a Bach Flower practitioner and please do not self-medicate. Sometimes what we see as depression may be actually a disruptive thyroid or a low energy feeling may be hypoglycemia and so it is always safer to consult the physician.


Dr PadmajaPai-Shenoy, a qualified practicing Homoeopath for over 25 years. In addition to Homoeopathy she is an expert in Bach Flower remedies. Dr Padmaja has an excellent understanding of human psyche and uses this to the hilt while managing her clientele.


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    Sunanda June 11, 2014 at 3:53 pm | | Reply

    Thanks, Dr Pai
    I am in US and getting to know these points is exciting. Sadly we don’t have many practitioners here.

  2. September 26, 2015 at 12:04 am | | Reply

    I do believe all of the concepts you’ve offered in your post.
    They are very convincing and can definitely work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very short for novices.
    May you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

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